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What is it about Music that is so special?  So mystical and enchanting?   

Happy Halloween 2015

   Music will capture us spellbound.  Music has the ability to snatch us when we least expect it, and can physically ensnare us under infinitely vast wings.  

   Music can cause us to get the chills that dance down our spine, and goosebumps all over. The hair on our our arms stand straight up on end like a cat’s fur when it’s spooked and frightened.   

Music will reach out and draw in the human soul, spirit, and/or mind.  Music allows the creative audio jester in us to break down and feel.  Next time you turn down the lights and watch your favorite scary movie; Keep in the back of the mind as to what music is playing in the background just before the actress trips, and then is eaten alive.  Movies and theatre would be exceedingly different without their scores  and sound effects. Most times, music in horror movies have a huge part to do with the foreshadowing of a big event that is about to occur in the movie. 

As far as Halloween goes, it’s been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember.

I like the high-strangeness of it all; Plus I’m really drawn to the colors, orange, black, green, yellow, brown. Fall colors basically.

The fact that humans incorporate music and sound(s) to this bizarre holiday fascinates me.  It’s a moment in “our perception” of time to become that which we are fearful of, or are curious about. 

ENSNARING THE PERCEPTIBILITY OF THE PSYCHE: MUSIC will not be quick read… Bookmark it if you wish. Everything I have added here was meant to have a very playful undertone, and is intended for FUN.

Creepy Pumpkins
12 Most Bizarre Halloween Candies Ever

There are several things I’d like accomplish for you the reader and lover of music in this blog:

1. Share some interesting facts involving music and/or Halloween, or flat-out bizarre stuff I have stumbled upon. 

2. Describe to you my personal interconnections involving music.  

3. Direct you to several online (FREE) dj websites/ shows created for your very eardrums to enjoy. After all, music brings us closer without needing so speak a single word.

4. Introduce you to several of my top favorite music makers:  ie. the dj’s and producers I’ve come to truly respect worldwide. Finally, introduce you to L.U.V. Radio’s team @ www.liveundergroundvibes.com

 *Take Note:   In this blog, many of the pictures & various texts which will take you to another page (or website) when  clicked on . Each time you see the “ symbol  click on it  to find out where the link goes.

These are TrickorTreatBag(s) (so-to-speak) for you to peek at. 

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ~ “Soundtrack”

◈  Now then reader… IS your pumpkin ready to be carved? 

◈  Candy set up for the wee-beasties about to ‘storm the castle’ on Halloween?

◈  Is your costume for tomorrow in order? 

  Final check before a go: Are you comfy & relaxed right now?

No, you say?!  

Well then, I shall wait…. Go grab your favorite fuzzy robe & slippers, or blanket. Drape it over any chilled bones. Whip up that favorite cup of tea, coffee,

(or magic elixir) for you to sip upon.

All set?  Good! Let’s enjoy this brew of holiday shenanigans.


Trick or Treat Door Music – Little Spooky Halloween Mix

And HERE WE GO, my silly little Monkeys!

┊┊┊☆ Orson Wells ☆┊┊┊

    Broadcasting was (and in many ways; STILL continues) to be such a large part of people’s everyday lives.  In the early 1900’s, people tuned in to hear a variety of topics on their radios such  as commercial-free shows, music and news.  CBS followed doing live broadcasting, after NBC was the first radio network to be launched in 1926.
In was on this very day, October 30th 1938, (77 years ago) a seemingly simple Radio Broadcast had a HUGE impact on the USA, as it had never witnessed before. 
   It’s 8pm in New York City. A man by the name of Orson Welles stood on a podium inside a Madison Avenue radio studio. This young dashing Lad (a 23-year-old theatrical star, who had graced the cover of Time magazine months earlier), prepared to direct 10 actors and a 27-piece orchestra for the Columbia Broadcasting System’s weekly “Mercury Theatre on the Air” program.   

  Just imagine yourself (like millions of Americans did) as they gathered near their radios as they did every evening just waiting for their show to com on.  CBS announced that Welles and his fellow cast members were presenting an original
dramatization of the 1898 H.G. Wells science-fiction novel “The War of the Worlds.”  Many  of these listeners throughout the country were tuned in to NBC’s popular “Chase and Sanborn Hour,” which featured ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy, Charlie McCarthy, or were late to catch the introduction of the show. Therefore, listeners became disoriented when they stumbled onto the “Mercury Theatre on the Air” without having heard the disclaimer at the top of the radio play. Immediately, people were thrown into the middle of an hour-long drama which left some believing that the country was under attack.

    The CBS program, penned by “Casablanca” screenwriter Howard Koch, opened serenely with the dulcet dance music of “Ramon Raquello and his orchestra.”

   Then, an actor portraying an announcer broke in with a fake news bulletin that “….Several explosions of incandescent gas, occurring at regular intervals on the planet Mars…..(And that this “gas” was)….moving toward the Earth with enormous velocity…..” In quick succession came a series of increasingly alarming, suspense-building newsflashes that culminated with Martian spacecrafts crashing into a farm in Grovers Mill, New Jersey.  For the rest of the hour, alarm and panic spilled over the airwaves. Breathless, and vocally constricted reporters detailed an extraterrestrial army of squid-like figures are in the midst of killing thousands of earthlings with heat rays and black clouds of poison gas as they work their way into New York City, lambasting everything in their path!Welles and the rest of the cast impersonated astronomers, state militia officials and even the Secretary of the Interior.

   Unlikely human germs, rather than human armies, ultimately assassinate the mythical Martian invaders.  At the end of the hour the director wrapped up the radio drama by telling his audience, “This is Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen, out of character to assure you that ‘The War of the Worlds’ has no further significance than as the holiday offering it was intended to be. The Mercury Theatre’s own radio version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of a bush and saying ‘boo!’”

Orson Wells Quotes

 The fright Welles put into America, however, was much greater than he thought.  

   Although the program had even included a reminder during an intermission that a dramatization was in play, thousands of anxious and confused listeners believed it to be real. Seriously panicked, listeners ambush police departments, newspapers and CBS with phone calls. In New Jersey itself, national guardsmen wanted to know where they should report for duty to counter attack the spurious invasion. Trenton police department alone received around 2,000 calls in under two hours. In Providence, Rhode Island, hysterical callers begged the electric company to cut power to the city to keep it safe from the extraterrestrial invaders. 

   Fear and anxiety had become a way of life in the 1930s, and it took little to rattle jittery Americans. The Depression had emptied their wallets, the gathering crisis in Europe threatened to ignite into war and just weeks earlier the Hurricane of 1938 had roared ashore. Plus, the Hindenburg disaster, which had been broadcast over the airwaves just the year before, was still fresh in the country’s collective psyche.

★ Orson Welles Books ★

   The newspaper industry also felt unease from the increasing popularity of radio as an informational and advertising medium, and, seeing a chance to strike back at its growing rival, it gleefully collected the sporadic reports of individual confusion generated by “The War of the Worlds” and weaved them into a narrative of “mass hysteria.” Newspapers reported suicide attempts, heart attacks and exoduses from major metropolitan areas. The New York Daily News printed the feverish headline “Fake Radio ‘War’ Stirs Terror Through U.S.” along with the photograph of a “war victim,” a woman in a sling who had heard the reports of black gas clouds in Times Square and ran out from her midtown apartment into the street where she fell and broke her arm. Similar stories of woe were printed from coast to coast and unleashed a media frenzy.

   With threats of lawsuits swirling in the press, CBS went into damage control. At a hastily called press conference, a doe-eyed Welles displayed his theatrical acumen and expressed his remorse and shock at the public reaction.

“I can’t imagine an invasion from Mars would find ready acceptance,” he said when asked if he pranked the country. Decades later, however, Welles admitted, “The kind of response was merrily anticipated by us all. The size of it, of course, was flabbergasting.”   Basically, humans learned the hard way that trickery could sneak in and grab you by your ears.

   The Federal Communications Commission did not sanction CBS or Welles, and the radio dramatist quickly spun his Halloween trick into a treat. Thanks to what became known as the “panic broadcast,” the radio program signed Campbell’s Soup as a sponsor, and soon after, Welles inked a deal to direct “Citizen Kane,” named by the American Film Institute as the greatest movie of all time.


•[☪ TID-BIT:: Who’s up for playing tunes with the dead?
╚ .♥.Cheshire Cat .♥. ╝

Now that we’ve warmed the stage up with enough terror from an Alien attack(s) via Mars, let’s move on….  The next small excerpts of flavourly sporadic information, were music oddities I felt would fit the bill.

SO… Who’s up for playing with the dead? And NO, I didn’t mean figuratively, I mean literally.  While I stumbled around for strange and amusing topics on music in history, I learned that people once played their creativity away on literal bone.

oldest bone flute

Birds and other animal bone had been mentioned to be the main ‘bone source’. However, my personal hunch says “I just betcha, ‘larger’ bones were used as well.”

    In hillside caves of southwestern Germany, archaeologists in recent
years have uncovered the beginnings of music and art by early modern humans migrating into Europe from Africa. New dating evidence shows that these oldest known musical instruments in the world, flutes made of bird bone and mammoth ivory, are even older than first thought.

   Scientists led by Thomas Higham of the University of Oxford in England reported last week that improved radiocarbon tests determined that animal bones found with the flutes were 42,000 to 43,000 years old. This is close to the time when the first anatomically modern humans were spreading into Central Europe, presumably along the Danube River valley.

  Earlier tests had yielded dates of 35,000 years ago for artifacts at several caves where flutes and also ivory statuettes of voluptuous women have been found near Ulm, Germany, and the Danube’s headwaters. The best preserved bone flute, with five finger holes, was collected at Hohle Fels Cave. The new analysis was based on material from the nearby Geissenklösterle Cave.

  Some scholars were slow to accept the first reports of the 35,000-year flute chronology in assessing the timing and setting of cultural changes arising from the arrival of Homo sapiens, who would then replace the native Neanderthals 30,000 years ago. Radiocarbon ages older than 30,000 years can be unreliable.

25flute1.600.ready  The new findings, published in The Journal of Human Evolution, “are consistent with a wide range of innovations coming from the Upper Danube,” Nicholas J. Conard, an archaeologist at Tübingen University in Germany, sa
id in an e-mail. Dr. Conard, one of the authors of the report, was the excavator of the artifacts at several of the caves.After several discoveries of pieces of flutes, samples of

figurative art and distinctive personal decoration in the caves, Dr. Conard said the new dates supported the hypothesis that the Danube was “a key corridor for the movement of humans and technological innovations into Central Europe between 40,000 and 45,000 years ago.”

   In Dr. Higham’s research, the animal bones being dated were buried in the same ground layers as the flutes in Geissenklösterle Cave. They were treated against contamination by advanced “ultrafiltration.” The bone results, the researchers wrote, “strongly imply that the previous dates were affected by insufficient decontamination of the bone collagen prior to dating.”

  If the new dates are correct, scientists said, modern humans first moved through the Upper Danube region, making music, before an extremely cold phase of the ice age, 39,000 years ago. In a chronology based on younger dates for the flutes, it was supposed that modern humans had waited for better weather before heading through the Danube.

There is a Netflix documentary called “Cave Of Forgotten Dreams” by director Werner Herzog (2010), which talks briefly about similar flutes made of bone. Even the “hole punctures” of the extremely old bones have similar tones, octaves & pitches that we would use in a handmade bone-flute today. 

  Although a wee tad creepy, I found this bit of information amazing… which got me thinking:  I wonder who was the first human was to recommend this?  How was the decisive idea to create this first type of flute(s) come about? Boredom possibly?  A sense of needing to socially entertain him/herself in a tribe?  Or was it for entertaining one’s self imagination?  Who can only imagine…..


 TID-BIT:  Small Dose of Death 

World’s shortest song: “YOU SUFFER” by Napalm Death

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.32.30 PM

Length: 1.316 seconds long


☪ TID-BIT: Are we there YET? 

24 Hour Song Skull

The longest officially released song:    7 Skies H3 by The Flaming Lips. 


Bottom line is that 7 Skies H3 by Flaming Lips surpasses any song you come up with and might potentially be the new record holder, so Guinness World Records please consider making 7 Skies H3 the new record holder and i got evidence to confirm.

(Official Release Info)

(WTF – Flaming Lips 24 Hour Song Skull Summary)   



☪ TID-BIT: Seriously now, ARE WE THERE YET!? 

 S  ~L  ~~O  ~~~W  ~~~~E  ~~~~~S  ~~~~~~T

SONG: Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible)

We have all encountered a song that is TOO long and nearly fall asleep right in the middle of it playing.  Needless-to-say, if a 9-11 minute track makes you consciously ‘drop out’ and give in to resting your eyes, then you love the next interesting track….

ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible) began in 2001.

It has been scheduled to have a duration of:   639 years.

That’s no typo: 639 Y E A R S  LONG…..

FallasleepOrgan²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible) is a musical piece by John Cage and the subject of one of the longest-lasting musical performances yet undertaken. It was originally written in 1987 for organ and is adapted from the earlier work ASLSP 1985; a typical performance of the piano version lasts 20 to 70 minutes.  In 1985, Cage opted to omit the detail of exactly how slowly the piece should be played.

The performance of the organ version at St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt,Germany, began in 2001 and is scheduled to have a duration of 639 years, ending in 2640.      


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.08.04 PM

I believe you can even take part of ASLSP, as long as you contact them to

“‘Reserve your sound year”

   CLICK HERE: RABBIT HOLE FOR ASLSP “Reserve your sound year”  

☪ TID-BIT: Old As Dirt 

World’s Oldest Recorded Song/music “The Lost Chord” 1888  

The Lost Chord
The Lost Chord

 Next as we continue with really OLD-SKOOL music, you may want to check this out:   “The Lost Chord” is the oldest song to ever have been recorded.

The Lost Chord” is a song composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1877 at the bedside of his brother Fred during Fred’s last illness.  The manuscript is dated 13 January 1877; Fred Sullivan died five days later.  

The lyric was written as a poem by Adelaide Anne Procter called “A Lost Chord,” published in 1858 in The English Woman’s Journal.



cat costumes

☪ TID-BIT: Time for Halloween Festivities

Edison Phonograph magazine ad from around October of 1904, depicting a two-minute cylinder record-playing phonograph.  Note how the holiday is spelled “Hallowe’en,” a contraction of “All Hallow’s Eve.” 

   One doesn’t see Halloween spelled in this fashion today.  It’s hard to tell from the ad how one would want to go out and buy an Edison Standard phonograph (pictured here), on time, for $25.00, at a dollar down and a dollar a week…for a Halloween party.  When phonographs took off with the public, most of them were sold during the Christmas season.  Well, perhaps Thomas Edison’s sales team at Orange, New Jersey thought that the phonograph would make a great hit at Edwardian Halloween parties, much as a “boom box” would today. 

Emerson GIF
gramophone record

The ad, with a cherubic child holding her glowing jack-o’-lantern, depicts a now defunct Halloween custom not seen anymore; (In case you were wondering, the “blinky eyes, nose & mouth”on the pumpkin were added by me, and are not originally a part of the poster).  220px-EdisonDiscLabelBunkYoung girls, on All Hallow’s Eve, in the darkness of a room, were supposed to light a candle, look at a vanity mirror, look quickly away…and then gaze back….and hopefully…see the face of their future husband!  According to one newspaper account from 1916, it often caused “fainting spells.”  For at this time, Halloween was almost an autumnal version of St. Valentine’s Day…in which fortunes were told concerning future beaus…and hopefully…future wedded bliss that would be assured.  The Edison folks obviously knew of this then-contemporary custom…and thought that it would sell phonographs…for such “looking-glass” parties, a custom now a quaint relic of another time.  Much like cylinder record phonographs.  The jack-o’-lantern custom, however…has survived quite well!  

FREAKY… Get your game on!

♫ Mussorgsky – A Night on Bald Mountain 

✥ ✦ ✥ ✦ ✥ ✦

♫ Camille Saint-Saëns, “Danse Macabre” 

Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Danse Macabre” is from 1874, so it’s 140 years old, and basically the gist of it is: The reaper comes out at midnight on Halloween, starts dancing, calls up all the skeletons and they revel and dance throughout the night. The strings get going and it has the rhythm of a ghost story.


Disney Scary Tales 1983

   Amazingly, and to my surprise, there was a plethora of information about horror music used in various ways and throughout time. I used many examples in this blog from ‘s article. 

   Therefore, when you visit this site HISTORY OF HORROR MUSIC  by  uses many articles and detailed examples to describe the “who, what, when and where” of the music’s history. Please check out these articles… I learned a lot! CLICK ☛ HISTORY OF HORROR MUSIC  


Edgar Allan Poe’s ☢ THE RAVEN

For this blog, I decided to lead the reader to links of the “Horror Music” itself, ie. the Composers and/or their Producers. It was exceeding tempting to list EVERY example; I’ve listed several of my personal favorites.

I  truly hope you enjoy.


everything you wanted to know about halloween props
“Courage is to let go ideological thinking to allow the music to move within you, regardless of another’s ignorant surmise. There are roads which need to be driven down in the mind of the listener; Roads that not even a song’s Maker were aware existed. Once the path has been walked down, it’s dimension pops into existence. And there you are, standing on an entirely new world. It’s the power of Music.”~ Dj Starr Junkie
Talking Heads “Burning Down the House” ‌‌- Bohemia Afterdark

How did I get to today?

Starr Junkie Halloween 1978

Here’s “short” about me… I was born at Penrose Main Hospital in 1973, and am a Colorado Springs, CO Native.   I grew up as an only child.  Both my mother and father were very smart, loving and supportive.

That being said, growing up for me was lonely and difficult most of the time due to mom’s health issues.  I had been sick as well.  However, my memories are filled with really good times. Halloween especially.

Starr’s Mama

   My mother (“Cyd” Shewchuk) suffered sever migraines as a result of a bad car accident she’s experienced at age 19.

   She had been driving when she lost control of the car and drove headfirst into the wall of a building; During that time seatbelts had not become mandatory in vehicles, so she went right through front windshield.  She’d suffered daily, all the way up to age 72.

   Being in intense pain gave her pretty severe depression as well.  I would calculate that @ least a third of her life every month was limited to staying on the bed or couch in bed.  In her 30’s, (even 11 years later) pain management and knowledge of anything beyond the average headache, was not studied.  

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.30.51 PM
“Cyd” Shewchuk; Wife, mother, grandmother; Artist, Teacher, Journalist. April 1942 – June 2015

It was only the final 35 years of her life that medicine learned how to help her better cope with chronic pain and the depression that resulted.  

In the beginning mom would tell me how many times the doctors would belittle her, telling her that the “physical pain” was “all in her head….” ((???)) Which basically meant she needed mental aka psychiatric help, but by no means did she need help for her whiplashed, broken to pieces skeletal structure.

   Mom had spent a few years back and forth to John Hopkins Hospital. Later in life she’d explained to me how she’d gone through being given both injections and pills to combat the side effects of the pain…. However, she ended up being allergic to those prescriptions and would undergo terrible hallucinations because little to no research was available on medicines for pain management and the side effects, and so on. Bless her heart, mom later  had mentioned to me she’d even endured electroshock therapy. Can you imagine what that must have been like? 

   As studies grew more intelligently on understanding people like mom, (that there was proof that a “real” physical issue existed) Doctors will still given the job of how to treat that pain. Several times a month we would travel to Denver (40 minutes away) to see if another specialist. At one point, mom had surgery where both collar bones were removed to “see” if that lightened the pain.  Eventually we found a Doctor in Denver who really knew his practice.  Mom finally started to get the help she desperately needed for pain management.

   By now, you’re probably asking why I’m mentioning all this . Well, there is a point, and I will get to that shortly.  

   I spent a lot of time learning to keep myself entertained while my mom rested. I honestly never knew to ‘feel bad’ for her necessarily because for the most part she was very outgoing person and kept her physical pain to herself.  After college mom taught Art to Jr. High School students:  She was crafty, “artsy” and intelligent.  Mom had been a writer for two Newspapers (The Sun & The Gazette Newspaper).  And as a journalist, she was able to meet and interview people like astronaut Buzz Aldrin…. To specify the list would be another article entirely. 

Starr’s Daddy

Mom&Dad in Rome 2003
Cyd Shewchuk & Steve Shewchuk~ Rome 2003

My father had been a Lieutenant in the Army, and received a Purple Heart for his services in Vietnam.  He was exceedingly busy working for companies like T Rowe Price, and Prudential in his younger years. My father was an exceedingly hard worker…. I can recall maybe 3 days where he was too sick to got to work. Pretty impressive… Missing only 3 days out of 38 years of my life that I’d known him to call in sick.


When dad wasn’t working, he was home doing the laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Dad’s main concern was caring for mom and me.

Dad had an extremely funny sense of humor even though he was a pretty quiet person.  Yet, when he got angry, he would cuss a lot;  He’d cuss in Russian and Polish (his parents direct decent) which I found very amusing as a kid. ((lol))

I mentioned some of the hardships we went through because it helps me to see some of the best personality traits (and great times) from my parents. Even at their worst, they both truly made an effort so that I would have a good life, and especially have a good time on the Holidays.  

Because my mother was an artist, her creativity would take over and she would go all out for Halloween. She used to have these terrific, fantastic, exquisite, creative parties.  My parents had a great sense of humor, and had the ability to have a group of people on the floor laughing in no time.

So here’s what my mother did every year for Halloween:  

She’d create the old school fliers and send them by mail…. *Not by email mind you (Or Facebook, or Twitter); But real mail that took time to be physically delivered from point “A” to point “B”.  Mom would insist costumes were mandatory. Therefore, guests themselves, (up to 60, 70 and 80+ years of age) would dress up with wild and amusing costumes for mom’s party.  On the fliers, the invites, there would be an unusual list.  At the time, no one knew what the list was for only that people were asked to bring the flier along for the party. Once they arrived;  guests learned that this list was for the “Town Scavenger Hunt” mom had set up. They would play games, chat & drink until every guest arrived.  At 8pm;  The Scavenger Hunt was game on, and party-goers would carpool with their assigned ‘group’ and attempt to find the items on the list.  

scavenger hunt ideas
scavenger hunt ideas

From what I remember, several of the items were not so easy to find and were meant to be challenging…

An example: One of the items might have been a paper-toilet-seat cover from Denny’s that had to be signed by the head waitress;  Or go to the nearest thrift store and buy the ugliest Halloween costume you can find for under $2…. Of course then might have been more tricky finding certain items to bring back to the house.  All guests would meet back at the house an hour later Prizes were given to people who’d collected everything on the list; 1st prize, 2nd prize and so on.

Little Starr Junkie

As a kid, I remember missing a lot of school and often was the first person in elementary school to get sick with a cold, or strep throat. But, the first time I was ever really “aware” anything was wrong with my hearing was just a few months shy of Kindergarten.  I’m an only child, and kept to myself. So if I felt like a cold was coming on, I didn’t think much of it (what kid really does?) in the beginning. For me during this time, I would notice my ears would feel sore, yet nothing to the extent where it appeared I was in any trouble at that point.

The following winter I got really sick… Children’s Tylenol and chloraseptic throat spray was a constant taste in my mouth; To a point where I really didn’t taste anything I ate because I used the throat spray so much, or sucked on cherry (sore throat) lozenges.  Then one winter, I can remember extreme pain for the most part in my left ear; With a very loud, “Wooosh….woosh…. woosh…..” sound that continued through days and weeks. I lost a lot of sleep, and a lot of school. My parents and friend’s voices were wobbly and I never understood what was really going on.  For the earaches, my parents (bless them) would fill up a 7UP 2 liter plastic bottle with warm water and I would try sleeping with my ‘bad ear’ on that water bottle to fight the pain. Every time I took a shower, I had to have cotton balls in each ear so water would not reinfect my ears. The next day my parents took me to the ears, nose & throat specialist.  They gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.  Several weeks later sounds were muffled again, but at the least I wasn’t in pain. One night my mom had tried calling me loudly from the next room and I couldn’t hear her…. This explained why I was getting bad grades in school too;  I was missing most of the information everybody else was hearing. So again, we went back to the doctor.  This time they notified mom that it appeared that both eardrums had ruptured;  The left ear 3 times, and twice in right ear. The doctor suggest I get ‘tubes’ placed in my ears to combat additional hearing loss. Today, I’m three quarters deaf, and multiple times I’ve lost a level of hearing I can not get back.  

   The strange part, I hear certain tones after all these years. So, being as stubborn as I am, I appreciate the music even more and will do anything to play and mix music until I can only feel the bass through my feet.

In 1995 I was inspired to mix after my first “Rave”.  My parents gave me a lot of support.   Infact they even took out a loan on the house to get my first gear:




2 Tech 1200’s,  2ch Gemini Mixer w/ 8 sec samp, 2 Peavy 15′ speakers


Halloween’s been my favorite holiday because of its high-strangeness.  I listened for anything unusual on a daily basis… For instance, what sounds were created specifically for cartoons, or movies?

It is the fact that humans adjoin specific music and sound(s) to a bizarre holiday that fascinates me.  I questioned, why only 1 day (out of the 365 days we experience in year) express so many strange and wild sounds?  In only a 24 hour time frame, a burst of bizarre sounds surfaced that had not been heard on the other 364 days out of the year.  Sounds of screaming, moaning, grunting, and whispering all of a sudden had life and were amplified.  Sounds of agony, crying and pleading for help, (only to be tortured MORE) opened a part of my brain that mesmerize and horrified me at the same time.  Sounds really puzzled me….

Where or why, did the sound “Mwaaahaaahaaa!…..” come from?

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.20.27 AM

Where did the sound “Boo!” come from?


Growing up, the infinity of the internet was not a household name yet…. Therefore, when I had questions like this, I was stuck with the revised books: The Dictionary and Encyclopedia Britannica for the answers. The information given in these were so basic that usually a trip to the Library was needed. Even then, the answers I found brought me to a brick wall.

   Moving forward, I was 11 years old in 1984.  Both my parents were great people, very active as far as artistically and musically.  They worked a lot;  So I basically played out-back, read a lot of books…. That was until the first audio tape cassette recorders came along! At that point, I was done. I recorded everything; The pets; the stomping sounds on the wooden floor; how an empty can of ‘Tab’ sounded when it was crushed under a shoe…. I recorded the toilet flushing; and even made up my own songs/commercials and news stories (lol).

Cassette Tape deck and recorder

   I remember sitting very patiently and telling everyone in the livingroom to be quiet and “Shhhh! I’m recording (every song),” while we watch Breakin’ on after it came out on VHS.  

     A notation to readers born WAY after cassette tapes/players cassette recorders, walkmans and VHS tapes: During that time, there were no readily available soundtracks or songs to obtain at the moment when a new movie came out. So my “cherished sounds” were the ones recorded off movies we rented from the VHS store (before Blockbuster mind you) or what we manually recorded off the Friday night playlist on the live radio station; Which, by the way, was a huge pain in the ass to record a “playlist” on cassette tape because if the live dj talked, it would ruin your recording of the song. Therefore, you would have to: Press “STOP” on the recording; “REWIND” the tape just a tiny bit, press “STOP” again; Press “PLAY” and wait for the E-X-A-C-T moment to press “PAUSE” and (pause) your recording, before the next song went LIVE.  If you didn’t live that era, you will never know the struggle! ((LOL)) Don’t have me even explain the efforts that went into a mixed tape for your boyfriend or girlfriend! That took TRUE patience and LOVE~ Hahaaa. Who’s with me!?




JDL’s WRMS Radio Mix Show







Shhhhh… Just listen…..

HUSHFM mobile
HushFm Mobile (Tune in app)



L.U.V. MAIN PAGE http://www.liveundergroundvibes.com
L.U.V. Mobile: http://www.mixtube.dj/m (Click LUV)

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I have traveled a immense distance since I first got involved with djing.  I’ve met so many fascinating individuals up to date.

Each of these people have inspired me in various ways, and all through the love of MUSIC.

Every person highlighted here has given their personal opinion on questions I had interviewed them with.

Some are DJ’s that also Produce; Some only Produce. Some of them have specific stations they play on.

Here is what they had to say, (In no particular order mind you), Enjoy!




Kymberly Piones Susko


Dj Leilani (@)y(@) The Platter’ Assassin  

2014 club dj





Here are the questions I asked Miss Dj Leilani, and what she had to say….

✪ Starr Junkie:   What has inspired you to spin? Or, rather who inspired you to begin mixing? 

✫ Dj Leilani:   I have been in the scene since the 80’s and there was always that one mix by a dj that was awesome then somewhere in the middle it crash with a song that ruined my vibe.  So from the disappointment from that happening time and time again It drove me to want to learn to do my own mixing and creating.

✪ Starr Junkie:    How long have you been mixing?

✫ Dj Leilani:    I have been djing seriously for 5 years.  It took me a year to finally match a beat.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What genre(s) do you play?  

✫ Dj Leilani: I started with progressive trance, electro house, progressive house, progressive breaks, psybreaks, Old school anything.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What equipment do you use? 

✫ Dj Leilani:     2 Technics and records, I also use Serato Scratch along with Pioneer 2000 cdjs,  I am learning on the Pioneer DDJ SX.  I’m just  learning Ableton to produce.

✪ Starr Junkie:    How did you learn to spin? 

✫ Dj Leilani:    I was self taught on djing.  I lived on YouTube for 10 months watching tutorials.  Whenever I had someone come to teach me they would get lost in my record collection and that was the end of my lesson for the day.  Frustrating,  I decided I need to do this on my own.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events that you hope to be involved with in the next coming months?  

✫ Dj Leilani:  Long term to eventually start producing.  I want to master djing first.  I am still learning and believe I have so much more to learn about music before moving forward into producing. 

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can your mixed sets be found?  


✪ Starr Junkie:    Any upcoming shows you’d like to tell readers in your area to keep an eye out for?  

✫ Dj Leilani:  I have several shows coming up in Nov, Dec,  2015 and Jan 2016. 

They will be in Ft Meyers, Fla,  Tampa, FLA,  & Clearwater, FLA


✪ Starr Junkie:   What important lessons have you’ve learned along the way that had a large impact on who you are as a DJ? 

✫ Dj Leilani:  I was self taught by YOUTUBE tutorials.  I was asked by so many to spin in shows my 1st year and would not until my confidence was up to par.  I broke so many records trying to just get it.  Giving up wasn’t an option.  I was told there was an easier way using digital.  I refused and was told I was wasting so much time.  I wanted to stay old school.. My motto:  MUSIC IS MEANT TO BE HEARD NOT WATCHED.  I taught both my boys to spin on records before they dared to touch anything digital.  I am proud to say they are excellent dj’s due to my diligence of making them learn old school first.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What advice would you give to up & coming DJ’s?

✫ Dj Leilani:  AS A DJ- NEVER to put you name out there until you are absolutely sure you have somewhat perfected your skill,  First impressions are a big factor of what you portray to the public.  Your reputation as an artist/dj is so important in this business.  It is hard redeeming yourself for even minor noticed flaws in your performance.  Always stay humble and remember your fans, followers, friends & family are who made you who you are today as a Dj/producer.  Never ignore your fans questions, praises, comments.  Always be true to your art and play with passion it shines in your mixes/tracks you produce.


DJ LEILANI  The Platter Assassin  FACEBOOK 


EMAIL & BOOKINGS  Djleilani@gmail.com

~Thank you Dj Leilani for your time and input with this this interview!~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦

Tony Rodriguez (“J.D.L.” a.k.a. Jazz )

3 JDL Engineer
Tony Rodriguez (“J.D.L.” a.k.a. Jazz )

DJ /Producer name: “J.D.L.” a.k.a. Jazz   

Name: Tony “J.D.L.” Rodriguez

 As both a DJ and a Songwriter, I asked Tony several questions.

Here’s what he had to say…..

✪ Starr Junkie:    What has inspired you to write music?

✫ “J.D.L.”:     Simply put, my love & passion for music inspired me. Things like musicality & lyrics. I studied music in a very unique way combining traditional (in school), experimentation & ear. In a school sense, I have what I’d call partial education. I wanted to learn so much about music, but I was only able to obtain a scholastic side of it. I didn’t have the chance to learn how to play the many instruments I wanted to. I ended up retaining some of the knowledge of music theory, how to somewhat read sheet music,  & lyric writing. I learned everything else by ear. Technology has afforded me the opportunities to actually create music, so it has been through experimentation of technology, that I have been able to bring life into my thoughts.  

✪ Starr Junkie:    Who inspired you to create music and how long have you been producing?

✫ “J.D.L.”:    Who??? Wow… that’s like a grand list!! ((LOL)) From songwriters to artists to musicians to composers. The names & the music (of influence) go back into the music of  the 30’s, 40’s & spans all the way up til now. But if I had to give names, the list would be something like this: Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Barry White, Prince, DJ Premiere, X-Clan, RZA, Prince Paul, Goldie, Peshay, Dillinja, Li’l Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Todd Terry, Larry Levan, Grand Master Flash, Herbie Hancock, Cab Callaway… just to name a few. It was what they’ve done to music that fueled me to keep to my originality. What I wanted to be heard like. 

✪ Starr Junkie:    What genre(s) do you play/ create?

✫ “J.D.L.”:     Well, I’ve been a DJ longer than I have been a songwriter. I can play various genres. Genres include: Rap, R&B, Pop, House, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Rock… Pretty much anything I listen to. I’ve found a way to mix it or have had a gig that required the need for the different genres. As for what I create…. Well, that can be inspired by an idea, a mood, & even by specific project. I’ve written music for a movie score, a video short, an advertisement & other approaches that music fits in. I’d call it being versatile on the music writing/creation side of things.  

✪ Starr Junkie:    What equipment do you use? 

✫ “J.D.L.”:     For songwriting, I use Propellarhead Reason. Since I’m into my own original sound, that has been my preference. Reason allows me the freedom of creating not only regular instruments, but I am also able to create original instruments/sounds that I use in my songs. Additionally, I am able to produce a full rough version before I actually perform the mixdown in ProTools. 

✪ Starr Junkie:    Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ “J.D.L.”:     I initially started teaching myself. Through the tricks of DJ’ing, I started creating my own remixes (blends). I did that for sometime, but then technology changed & brought songwriting home. I played around with a program for a while, but I felt incomplete & I didn’t like how my first songs didn’t sound like I wanted them to. So I went to school & got my Bachelor’s for audio production. One of the best decisions I made. It allowed me to learn about other music production programs, work among peers & even got a taste of working in the entertainment industry. It also helped me network, expand into other opportunities & understand working/running the business-end of the industry. The experience gained from that alone helped me break ground where I never thought possible.   Interview

✪ Starr Junkie:    Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events that you hope to be involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ “J.D.L.”:     Nothing in the coming months. I do have some plans, but I keeps the ideas under wraps… can’t have somebody else running away with my ideas. ((LOL))

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can readers find some of your music?

✫ “J.D.L.”:     Well, there is a link to my Reverbnation page. That’s where you can take a listen to some of my work.  Reverbnation: “J.D.L.”

✪ Starr Junkie:    What are some important lessons that come to mind which have had a large impact on who you are today as a producer?

✫ “J.D.L.”:     I’ve learned many lessons on this trek. My first lesson was learned back in ’87 – 1987 that is ((LOL)) I’m showing my age here – while I was DJ’ing, I had a cousin who was apart of a rap group that were known in the NYC/North Jersey a3.1JDL Live at a Showrea.  After playing their releases & looking forward to their 2nd album, I ran into him & asked him how things were going. He then dispelled the reason why there wasn’t going to be a 2nd album. Their manager got ALL of their money except for 15%. This was a shock to me, thus I became VERY protective of my DJ agreements from that point on. The lesson I learned, through my own dealings & later going back to school, confirmed that their management contract was bad. That lack of knowledge of the business costed them & I vowed to never have that happen to me. Thus, my experiences have been good & I STILL love what I can do.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What advice would you give to up & coming DJ’s and/or producers? 

✫ “J.D.L.”:     Advice… Well, I do what I do with music for my love & passion of music. I never wanted my name in the BIG LIGHTS, but I knew I could achieve having people appreciate & enjoy my spin/expression of this thing ‘c1 JDL DJ_Produceralled’ music. So here’s what I can say… Learn your craft & practice, practice, practice. You can NEVER practice enough. I STILL practice. It is through practice, you experiment. Through your experiments, you learn to define your creativity/expression of this thing called music. My name may not be Dr. Dre or P. Diddy, but I know what they known cause I took & made time to learn – THE BUSINESS. If you’re being approached/offered opportunity by someone from the business, & they can’t seem to share/disclose ALL the details of THE BUSINESS, they are not working in your best interest. You WILL pay more dues before you actually make some money… NOBODY KNOWS YOU. What you may be reading may seem harsh, but it’s the truth – REALITY. 

LINKS TO OFFICIAL: Tony Rodriguez (“J.D.L.” a.k.a. Jazz )

(click the links below to access information)


MIXCLOUD: Tony “J.D.L.” Rodriguez

WEBSITE:  JDL’s WRMS Radio Mix Show  

EMAIL:  jazz.ace.productions@gmail.com

~Hey, honest advice- I dig that!! Thank you “J.D.L.” for your time and input!~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.10.54 PM

 Phat Kidz 

(JT Williams – Tweezy, Nikki Hernandez – Nikita)

✪ Starr Junkie:   What has inspired you both to write and create music?

✫ Nikita:   I knew if I wanted to take my talents further than just being a Dj I had to start producing.  I could spin records for hours and hours…I loved it!  But to get ahead and get further in the game I knew I had to learn something new and start writing music.   

✫ Tweezy:   I got to the point when I listened to any music I kept trying to change this & that about. Pounding out a new drum pattern on what ever was in front of me, a wall, a desk, kitchen Counter, a dashboard…nothing was safe lol. Rewriting synth lines in my head, and humming new basslines. At that point i was like…”Yup, time to take the plunge and get what’s in my head out and start writing.”

✪ Starr Junkie:   How long have either of you been producing, and what tracks or albums have you worked on?

✫ Nikita:  Started in 2007 getting the ins and outs of Ableton and learned for a few years.  In 2013 I took it more serious and was ready to go full throttle.  

Had some starter tracks with Shoot 2 iLL Productions (Dj Gee Spot, Casper, myself and Tweezy).  In 2008 a track with Bella on Digital Records titled “Skeeza” and a few years later “Dame La Sucia”, with a remix from Jimi The Genius.

   After a break myself and Tweezy started to work on music together again doing a few tracks… “You Can’t Hide” released on Tommy Who Records, and a track for a remix contest that Deekline was hosting “Can’t Hide It”.  

✫ Tweezy:   Dabbled with it in 2007, But really got into producing late 2011 and have been doing it since. 

✪ Starr Junkie:    What genre(s) do you enjoy creating?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   Mostly Breakbeat. However we do dabble with Trap, House, and Electro.

✪ Starr Junkie:     What equipment do you use? Or, what do you use to create your music? Ableton, Logic, etc?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   We use Ableton Live 9. Along with various VST plug ins, Akai MPK keyboard, Oxygen 8, and Live sampling. Most important of all is our Imagination.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Did you go to any specific school for mixing or producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   No Schooling for mixing or producing. When we first started producing our friend Gary (Gee Spot) got us going in the right direction with Ableton Live. For the most part we have taught ourselves and each other, but along the way we have gotten a lot of helpful tips/tricks from our friends like Hero, Fixx, Mike Nice, Mark Ivan (LoIQ) & Bella.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events that Phat Kidz hopes to get involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   Short and long term goals are to create more Originals for our label.  We are constantly getting hit up for remixes that we haven’t been able to put the time in for originals.  We would like to expand our Podcast more for the Phat Kidz Podomatic, bringing on some bigger names as well as helping build a platform for some up and coming artists that have the drive and love for the music.  As far as shows and events we are not as active in playing out right now.  We want to play for people that respect what we do and who we are as people/artists…the promoters that aren’t in it for themselves and their pockets.

✪ Starr Junkie:     Where can the tracks/album(s) be bought or found?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   Some of our Originals/Remixes can be found on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. A lot of our Editz/ReRubs etc..,can be found on our soundcloud page for Free Download.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What releases are Phat Kidz looking forward to putting out in the upcoming months?       

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   We are excited for the release of “I Get Live”, a special remix we did for Mike Nice of Just Funkin Records. We also have a few more remixes coming out as well…

We just can’t tell you about at the moment (Shhhh) So you will just have to be on the lookout.madonna-wink

✪ Starr Junkie:    Any changes to keep an eye out for to tell your listeners?  

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   With a new year comes a new sound…We are putting a lot of work in on creating a new sound, a fresh sound, a “Phat” sound that will fit perfectly with the direction we are wanting to take the Phat Kidz.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Are you currently touring? Where?  

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   We are not touring at the moment. 2015 has been a very busy year for us in our personal lives.  We have decided take some time to ourselves to focus on the things in life that matter the most to us (our home life, love and family).  We are also focusing on creating a new fresh sound for the Phat Kidz.  

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any funny, tragic, or important lessons you’ve learned you’d like to mention to readers that have had a large impact on who either of you are as producers?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   Many funny moments on our journey…thankfully nothing tragic.  We’ve learned to always stay true to who we are as people.  This has become more of a hobby for us now.  We aren’t in it for the pissing match, the drama, or the Social Media “fame” that too many try to acquire. 

✪ Starr Junkie:   What advice would you give to aspiring producers?

✫ Nikita & Tweezy:   Our best advice… DO NOT be afraid to try different and new things when writing. Your imagination has the potential to create so many amazing things; Don’t limit it to trying to fit in with what everyone else is writing or what’s hot at the moment. Push the envelope, be creative, do it with passion!  Let your imagination and creativity drive you.  Never give up.  You’ll put out tracks that you’ll dislike and other will like, so try not to be too hard on yourself.  Always push buttons and play with knobs even if you have no idea what it does….  This is how you learn 😉  Don’t say “I’m not going to use that because I don’t know how to.”

~Thank you, Nikita & Tweezy for your time to be a part of this interview! I’ve had the pleasure to not only meet both of you and do a live set @ the same event in 2014 @ the former Hangar 13 (now, the Afterburn) & Southshore Tavern in Nola 2014.

You both have amazing energy, charisma and passion for your music. I wish the best to the both of you! ~

(click the links below to access information)




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imr logo 07

 DJ /Producer name: Rad Rod, Roderick Beitzel and Mike Brody, 2Brainz

Name: Roderick Beitzel  

 As both a DJ and a Songwriter, I got Rad Rod’s opinion on the same questions.

Here’s what he had to say…..


✪ Starr Junkie:   Rad Rod, so you both DJ and Produce music?

✫ Rad Rod:    Yes! I also run an indie label called Inner Minds Recordings that deals in Jungle/Dnb and is focused on showcasing new talent.  

✪ Starr Junkie:   Who inspired you to create/play music?

✫ Rad Rod:   I’ve always been obsessed with alternative musics. Growing up I went through phases of Hip Hop, Punk, Reggae, Ska and downbeat electronica. Somehow I didn’t know much about jungle until I got into my 20’s, but found that it is one of the only kinds of music that I really truly feel the vibe of, and it is also a melting pot of many of the genres of music I already love and familiar with. I listen to the jungle 24/7 for my sanity (lol).    

✪ Starr Junkie:   What artists have inspired you to write music?

✫ Rad Rod:     Some of the jungle artists that have really inspired me have been 45thieves, Bay B Kane, Congo Natty and Aphex Twin. 

✪ Starr Junkie:  How long have you been producing and what tracks/albums?

 ✫ Rad Rod:   I have been writing my own music for approximately 3 years now. Under the 2brainz project we have several releases already available. Be sure to check out The Meow Meow E.P.and Dank Sensi on Conquest Recordings. Also we have a couple singles on SwitchBlade Digital including “Nightmares,” and a freebie just now out on Sure State of Cleveland called “Jah Bless You.”

✪ Starr Junkie:   What genre(s) do you play and/or create?

✫ Rad Rod:   I mostly create what would be considered jungle hardcore, drum and bass, but I’m not stuck in a box. I like to experiment as well. 

✪ Starr Junkie:    What equipment do you use? 

✫ Rad Rod   Usually I will use FL studio 12 to track, edit and mix my sounds. A lot of my musical elements are sourced from live field recordings, old 45’s and video clips, basically anything and everything that sounds good and can be re-synthesized into another sound, and of course breakbeats. Also there are few synths I use to record ambience and pads/synths with, one of my favorites is Cameleon.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Tell the readers a little more info about your producing background?

✫ Rad Rod:  I spent 2 years in the broadcasting program at Hocking College here in Ohio. There were many late nights at the school radio station playing not-so-radio friendly music, lol. It’s also during that time I heard ragga jungle being mixed with hip hop for the first time.  A lot of my actual mixing and producing skills however were learned from peers and mentors; especially my friends Dave Synapse, Jacob Esterly, and Mike Brody. 

✪ Starr Junkie: Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events you hope to get involved with in the next coming months?

✫ Rad Rod:    Nothing in the coming months. I do have some plans, but I keeps the ideas under wraps… can’t have somebody else running away with my ideas. ((LOL))

✪ Starr Junkie:  Where can your music be found?

✫ Rad Rod: Most of my releases as well as our 2brainz work can be found on Juno Download or Beatport. Look up some of the labels we have released with including: Conquest Recordings, SwitchBlade Digital, Kode 5, and Dark Til Dawn. Also check out inner minds bandcamp page for a free jungle LP, which has artists from around the world on it.   In the next year we have a dark and heavy roller on Flex Recordings.  Also a Future Jungle EP (150 bpm) going on Boomsha. (Not to mention) a really crazy breakcore jungle tune releasing with the new label Wicked Jungle Recordings out of south florida. (Plus) keep a lookout for new releases coming from Inner Minds!

✪ Starr Junkie:  Are there any important lessons you’ve learned you’d like to comment on that had a large impact on your producing?

✫ Rad Rod:   The music industry can be tough. People will either try to bring you up, or some may try to pull you down. The most important thing is not to give up on your dreams.  Forward, full speed ahead!

✪ Starr Junkie:  What advice would you give to up & coming DJ’s and/or producers? 

✫ Rad Rod:  Be original and the do the music how you feel it. Some people will try and tell you what style to make to be popular, or what equipment is the ‘only’ proper way to record with… Don’t listen to them! Create your own style and express yo’ self!! But also be mindful and open to constructive criticism. There is always more to learn. 

Links Below For:  Rad Rod, Roderick Beitzel and Mike Brody, 2Brainz

(click the links below to access information)

2Brains Jungle FACEBOOK   2Brainzbass Soundcloud

RAD ROD FACEBOOK   Rad Roderick Soundcloud

Inner Minds Recording FACEBOOK   Inner Minds Recording Soundcloud 

WEBSITE www.innerminds.bandcamp.com/releases

EMAIL: Roderickb86@gmail.com

~Thank you for your time and input Rad Rod!!~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦


WhatIBring D-Audi

I’d like to introduce you to D-audi.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’d met D-audi awhile back as he visited the L.U.V. Radio Chatroom.

D-audi shared several tracks with me and I was hooked to his unique sound.

Here are some great things to say for the interview. Check it out:

✪ Starr Junkie:    Do you both DJ as well as produce music?

✫ D-audi:   Yes.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What has inspired you to write music?

✫ D-audi:  I have wanted to be a musician since I was about 6 years old.  played instruments throughout my childhood and started playing in original bands when I was in high school, playing at clubs and punk shows.

I guess it’s music itself that inspires me as I’ve never stopped doing it. On a daily basis, though, I’m always inspired by all of the talented people who do it. These days it seems to be Calibre. He’s just so innovative and versatile, I don’t think there’s ever been another DnB producer like him.  

✪ Starr Junkie:    How long have they been producing and what tracks/albums?

✫ D-audi:    I’ve been producing since the mid-late-90s. I always recorded things since that’s always how I write tunes, no matter what they’re for, but at some point it became producing.  I used to use a multitrack cassette recorder (Tascam 388 I think it was, an 8-track), then started using Logic on a Mac.

I tried lots of stuff but was most motivated to make house tunes.

Unfortunately, I suck at house tunes lol and never even made a tune I thought was good enough to warrant booking studio time and getting a 909 and a few good synths to do it for real.  I tried to get a local DJ to collaborate with me but he never took the bait, and it turns out production never became his thing. So I made a lot of downtempo music which I was better at since it matched my background in instruments a bit more. My earliest jungle tunes were a complete joke and I was too intimidated to keep trying, although I actually wrote the baseline for a tune of mine called Raven, which is recently out on Boomsha, back then.  I did have a downtempo tune released but I won’t say under what name etc. because I absolutely hate the track now. DJs did play it though as it had a housey mid section. I stopped making tunes for a while to go to college, so that was a big break from it. In 2011 I became inspired to make jungle tunes and really gave it my all.

I went at it nonstop, making three tracks a week in all honesty. had gotten in the habit of always putting music online, and was posting them on Soundcloud at that point. Record labels started to contact me and I started being more careful with my productions, eventually getting 140 Jungle releases on Dub Chamber (Another Universe EP) and Digital Acetate (Sent For You EP) in 2012, and Boomsha Recordings (Liquid Sky EP) in 2013.

I went on a walkabout kind of after that and made ambient music and got back into film photography, then in spring of 2014 started making Drum & Bass. I really put my all into it, I have never been so on fire to make tunes.  Some of the stuff I’d made in the next year ended getting released on Audio Theory Recordings (Concentration EP),  then on  Boomsha Recordings (What I Bring EP).  

I have a couple of releases coming up of current stuff, but they are not finalized yet as far as tracklist/date/etc.  I’m really grateful to all of the labels who have put my stuff out or who will, it’s exciting and inspiring.

D-Audi Concentration

✪ Starr Junkie:    What genre(s) do you play/ create?

✫ D-audi:   Drum & Bass and Jungle.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What equipment do you use?

✫ D-audi:   I use Logic Pro X on a 2012 MacBook Pro, the 2012 (last non-retina) model with the hi-res antiglare screen and dual hard drives (replacing the optical drive with a hard drive kit), 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM.  I use all software now, and my instruments tend to be Vice for chopping drums, Battery for various sample stuff and drum kits, and then Alchemy/DIVA/ACE for synths. And then sampling/chopping/stretching within Logic.  My speakers are old model Adam A7s. I use a Vestax VCI-400 and Serato for DJing, also on a MacBook Pro.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Did you go to any specific school for mixing or producing?

✫ D-audi:   Self taught all the way;  Although I’ve always trawled the internet and of course magazines back in the day.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events you hope to get involved with in the next coming months?

✫ D-audi:   I have two releases in the works, and I want to increase my DJing prowess and hopefully get some live shows. DJing has been a real learning curve but I’m starting to really love it. Whatever happens next will be the result of DJ practice guiding and inspiring my production.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Any releases that you are looking forward to putting out in the next 4-6 months?

✫ D-audi:   Don’t want to say just yet but a couple of them planned so far.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Any changes to keep an eye out for to tell your listeners?

✫ D-audi:   Hopefully I get better at everything hehe.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Are you currently touring? Where?

✫ D-audi:   No, but how amazing would that be.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any funny, tragic, or important lessons you’ve learned you’d like to mention to readers that have had a large impact on who either of you are as producers?

✫ D-audi:   Tons of little things, no big things. Learning how my brain does and does not work.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What advice would you give to up & coming dj’s & producers?

✫ D-audi:   1) be hard but fair on yourself;  2) your friends might tell you you’re

great, but it’s strangers that matter in terms of judging your performance; 3) work hard – getting better is a result of having the tools in your hands as much a possible, not having magical insights into the Universe…  fill yer boots!

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can the tracks/album(s) be bought or found?

✫ D-audi:   Beatport and all of the usual places. I always post clips on Soundcloud as well.

(click the links below to access information)


✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦

black DD logo
Diamond Dubz


Daz Garratt

DJ NAME: The Raskel

PRODUCER NAME: D Mayjah and one half of Dex & Jem 

✪ Starr Junkie:    What has inspired you to write music?

✫ Daz:   There’s so much variety of music about these days but music has always been a part of my life and making people dance has always been my intentions from a very young age.

 ✪ Starr Junkie:   Who inspired you to create music and how long have you been producing?

✫ Daz:   I used to mess about with a program called Octamed on the Amiga 1200 back in 1992 but I never really pushed myself that extra mile to release any tracks at the time. It’s only been in the past 3/4 years that I have truly got back into producing.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What genre(s) do you play/ create?

✫ Daz:   I play mostly Old Skool breakbeats from ’92 but anything from Hip Hop from the early/late 80’s right up to the freshest liquid/Jungle/DnB.I try to create rolling DnB/Jungle tracks but finding your own style is hard.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What equipment do you use? 

✫ Daz:   I have tried to use Fruity Loops/Studio One but found myself fascinated by Cubase.  There are a lot more to it but I am still learning things everyday.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ Daz:   No I don’t go to any school/classes. Dj’ing, I was self taught and came second nature to me.  As for producing, I was I had gone to specific classes to learn more.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events that you hope to be involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ Daz:   I have played for some big promotions in the UK mainly London and Birmingham but I would love to play abroad.That would be a long term goal of mine.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can readers find some of your music? What releases are coming up?

✫ Daz:    The Diamond Dubz tracks can be found on most digital download sites across the world, Beatport, Juno etc and our Soundcloud page. My mixes are on my Mixcloud page.

Looking forward to ALL releases coming out on Diamond Dubz. We have some very talented artists from UK and USA releasing tracks so the next 4-6 months will be very busy and also very exciting times. 

✪ Starr Junkie:   Any changes to keep an eye out for to tell your listeners?

✫ Daz:   No changes for my Dj’ing. Well, how can you change anything that was made 20+ years ago!!! (Old Skool) The Diamond Dubz label will be restructuring things early 2016 to focus on getting more up and coming producers across the globe on our label. After all they are our future and maybe the next big name.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any funny, tragic, i.e. important lessons that come to mind which have had a large impact on who you are today as a producer?

✫ Daz:   Nothing funny or tragic however, a very important lesson I’ve learned is we all get our haters who are jealous of what anyone does;  So do your OWN THANG and feed off there negatives to provide your own positives. WE LOVE YOU HATERS!!!

✪ Starr Junkie:   What advice would you give to up & coming DJ’s and/or producers? 

✫ Daz:    (Again) Do your own thing, make your own sound.   Don’t do what I, (or a lot of producers I know do), and that is:  DON’T START A TRACK AND NOT FINISH IT!  I have that many unfinished projects it’s true. One day I might finish them….  

(click the links below to access information)

Dex & Jem




DIAMOND DUBZ EMAIL: diamonddubzrecordings@gmail.com

THE RASKEL: theraskel@googlemail.com

~Thank you so much for your time Daz! ~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦


Myk Dubz

DJ /Producer name:  MYK DUBZ

✪ Starr Junkie:    What or who has inspired you to write music?

MYK DUBZ:    The Piano Lessons I got since 1978. I’ve been producing professionally since 1991.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What genre(s) do you play/ create?

MYK DUBZ:  I produce any genre, mostly House and Jungle.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What equipment do you use? 

MYK DUBZ:  I use any known Software as well as the classic hardware such as the Akai MPC series and many synthesizers.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

MYK DUBZ:  I learned mixing by doing professional acts here in Germany. Props in big recording studios gave me lessons. Making Jungle is big again. More respect to the old school House Music and its inventors and origins.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Are there any short-term/long-term goals, ideas, shows and/or events that you hope to be involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ MYK DUBZ:   Bigger deals are secret so far as well as the private uploads on Soundcloud.

✪ Starr Junkie:   Any changes to keep an eye out for to tell your listeners?

✫ MYK DUBZ:    There will be some colabos with some interesting Singers from Europe I did for a Jungle Album. Not finished yet.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What advice would you give to up & coming DJ’s and/or producers? 

✫ MYK DUBZ:    Yes, indeed. In this biz it is important not to tell anything you’re working on. Even if you get a big deal with a leading company, you have to stay quiet. Ideas get stolen easily as I found out in the past. But the biggest thing is to follow your heart. It is not about giving love to anyone or helping everyone who asks … No one’s heart is big enough for that job and people who tell to act this way only do it for a selfish purpose. Give love to those you learned from and who always stay with you, no matter what came across. Some call this Realness and People who act this way they call them OGs. I call it “Act Like You Know” and people who act this way, I call them “Friends”. Live simple rules and never leave your roots.       

  (click the links below to access information)







~Thank Myk for your words of Wisdom!~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦

 Bay B Kane

1Bay B Kane Name Logo
Bay B Kane

Producer name:  Bay B Kane

✪ Starr Junkie:     What inspired you to write music? Or, rather who inspired you to create music?

✫ Bay B Kane:   What inspired me would be an overwhelming need to get out of the street life and make a better future for myself and my family.

Who inspired me is a difficult question and one that would have a very long list of names but I can say that early hip hop and Detroit techno as well as Dub & Reggae played a big part in the initial style of fusion within my music way back in 89.

✪ Starr Junkie:     How long have they been producing and what tracks/albums?

✫ Bay B Kane:   I have been producing since 89 so that makes 26 years at this point but I actually came into the game in 87 as a rapper.

✪ Starr Junkie:     What genre(s) do you create?

✫ Bay B Kane:   Jungle / Future Jungle / Drum & Bass

✪ Starr Junkie:     What equipment do you use? Or, what do you use to create your music? Ableton, Logic, etc?

✫ Bay B Kane:   I currently use a custom version 5 Reason as well as Reason V 7.5

✪ Starr Junkie:     Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ Bay B Kane:   Self taught hands on all the way.

✪ Starr Junkie:   In your words, can you describe any short/long-term goals/ideas/plans/shows/events that you will be involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ Bay B Kane:   I personally don’t do live performances & as far as short term goals I will continue to produce the music that I love which luckily for me, many other people also seem to like too.

✪ Starr Junkie:     Where can the tracks/album(s) be bought or found?

✫ Bay B Kane:   My music is available from all online digital download stores as well as the streaming platforms.  Key search words: Bay B Kane / Ruff Guidance Records / Boomsha Recordings.

I also have many vinyl releases old and new. 

✪ Starr Junkie:     Any releases that you are looking forward to putting out in the next 4-6 months? 

✫ Bay B Kane:   This coming November I will be releasing Volume 2 of the VIP Series on Ruff Guidance Records, which will feature 10 VIP remixes of previously released Bay B Kane tracks by various artists that include :

2 Bay B Kane The VIP Project Cover Intelligenetix
Bay B Kane The VIP Project

XEDos / Sound Shifter / NickyNutz / D-Audi / Aitch / Radioactive Watermelon / Chili Banks / Mshcode VIP Project Volume 1 is available now from all download stores. 


✪ Starr Junkie:     What advice would you give to upcoming producers?

✫ Bay B Kane:   Always do you. It’s great to be inspired by others, and we all are inspired by other people, but it is very important to stay original and true to yourself and remain creative.

(click the albums/links below to access information)

6 RGR Chrome

3 BBK 25 To Life Cover Blue7 Shreadded Beat RGR

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.39.25 PM

4 BBK 25 To Life CoverSOUNDCLOUD Bay B Kane  

EMAIL: Bay3Kane@Gmail.com

SOUNDCLOUD Ruff Guidance Records 



 L.U.V. Radio Interview with Bay B Kane from Dexter Smith

3 BBK 25 To Life Cover Blue
L.U.V. Interview with Bay B Kane November 29th 2014

~ Honored to have your interview: Thank you for your time Bay B Kane ~

✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦


Lily Garcia

LUV Administrator/ writes and creates vocals

✪ Starr Junkie:     What inspired you to write music? Or, rather who inspired you to create music?

✫ Lily:   I’ve been inspired by friends; Path Generator, Bay B Kane and Myk Dubz. These producers have been creating music for many years.

 ✪ Starr Junkie:     What genre(s) do you create?

✫ Lily:   Future jungle, jungle, dnb, house, breaks, and several variations of genres.

✪ Starr Junkie:     Tell readers some of your former label(s) or song history you’ve been involved with.

✫ Lily:   THE PRESSURE AND MY LIFE ON BOOMSHA FEATURING BAY B KANE, Path Generator and Myk Dubz, Fly with me -Bay B Kane,Signals on Diamond Dubz, Break Me with Path Generator on Diamond Dubz. BRYTA Daes The Collider Ep Debbie D Records, Exhale Ep with Path Generator SW records, Worldwide Jungle Vibe Ep on Innermind Recordings

Flywithme BBK&LilyGarcia
Fly with me – Bay B Kan featuring Lily Garcia

✪ Starr Junkie:     Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ Lily:   Self taught.

✪ Starr Junkie:   What do you have planned the next coming months? 

✫ Lily:   Future releases:  Bay B Kane‘s VIP Volume 2 remixes song title Deep Jungle.  As well, ‘Starchild’ with Path Generator on SW records.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can the tracks/album(s) be bought or found?

✫ Lily:   Music can be bought on Beatport, Juno, and ITunes.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What advice would advice would you give upcoming producers? 

✫ Lily:   Do it (create) for the love of music.


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.54.30 PM
Myk Dubz and Lily Garcia – Dark Strings ❦ FREE download


EMAIL: lilidenise@outlook.com

~ Thank you miss Lily for your imput!~

 ✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦


Path Generator
Path Generator



✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦

Next, we march to the beat of a different drummer…. 


I’ve known Chase for several months; I’d essentially hired him to replace my roof on our casa….  Later on I learned Chase wrote and produced his own music as well here in Colorado Springs, CO.  What I really can appreciate is that his “folk” and acoustic sound reminds me a lot of uncle Jerry Brown’s music that I’d listened to growing up.

Producer name: Chase Springer

✪ Starr Junkie:     What inspired you to write music? Or, rather who inspired you to create music?

✫ CHASE:  I believe my abilities, and talents are a gift from GOD.  My dad, and John Denver were also inspirational. 

✪ Starr Junkie:     How long have they been producing and what tracks/albums?

✫ CHASE:  2013 I released my Disguised CD 

Tracks: Dress me in Disguise, Everytime, Fairview, Hold Me,
I’m Leaving, Never Forever, 6 Pack Kiss, Tennessee Girl.

✪ Starr Junkie:    What genre(s) do you create?

✫ CHASE:  (I create) …Mine… and then I let others define.

✪ Starr Junkie:     What equipment do you use? Or, what do you use to create your music? Ableton, Logic, etc?

✫ CHASE:  12 & 6 string acoustic guitar, 6 string electric guitar, piano, keyboard, and sometimes percussion. I freelance, enjoy using my God given talents…

(I Am) a playing-by-ear musician, with a passion to compose.

✪ Starr Junkie:     Did you go to any specific school for mixing or Producing (or were they self taught)?

✫ CHASE:    Self taught, producing the old fashion way.

✪ Starr Junkie:   In your words, can you describe any short/long-term goals/ideas/plans/shows/events you will be involved with in the next coming months? 

✫ CHASE:    Looking forward to a private November performance.  I would be ecstatic to have music attached to film/media  production.

✪ Starr Junkie:    Where can the tracks/album(s) be bought or found?

✫ CHASE:    AMAZON.com

✪ Starr Junkie:    Any changes to keep an eye out for to tell your listeners? 

✫ CHASE:    By popular demand; working on more “Country” tunes.

~ Thank you Chase for being a part of this blog;

I truly enjoy the music you put out. ~

(click the albums/links below to access information)


✦   ♫    ✦  ♫    ✦



Lily Garcia  SOUNDCLOUD 



SJ tintbrish


Infektuous Dex  SOUNDCLOUD1Infectuous Dex
James Scott  MIXTUBE

1James Scott





TONY / DJ Venomousone

The Watchmen-Tony: djvenomousone

CESAR / Seize 9

TheWatchmen:Cesar Seize9





Michael Myers SOUNDCLOUD

1Michael Myers

Hertz Donut (Hz Donut)  SOUNDCLOUD




MAXELL on Decompression Sessions on L.U.V.


 Biastwentyfour MIXCLOUDBaobob


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.40.44 AM





Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.58.12 AM



1Coach K



Devil On Ice (Wayne Polkey)

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.31.34 AM





 DJ HB (Prizoner Zed)  SOUNDCLOUD


 Will.i.am.the.dj  SOUNDCLOUD 1will



1 1200



 Ellis Hathorn & Alfredo DiGregorio1Ellis HathornAlfredo DiGregorio

Joonie Lipton  SOUNDCLOUD


♩ ♬    L.U.V.    ♪  ♫ 

Here’s a special shout out to Edward Hughes with UNDERGROUND UTOPIA EDM SESSIONS on mixlr.com Thank you for all the support!


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by Amy (Starr Junkie) Bobo


In March (2014), an important group of DJ’s, Producers, Friend’s and music enthusiasts continued to mush on an important journey. This journey recreated it’s live online DJ website known as L.U.V. Radio, today. (www.LiveUndergroundVibes.com)

Here’s a little history about this group of amazing & talented people who put all bulls$#@! aside, then stood together for a lil’ thing called, “LUV….”

♪ ♫ ❤ ♪ ♫ 

♪ ♫ ❤ ♪ ♫ 

   Only yesterday this skilled group of dj’s (many whom were friends prior to L.U.V.’s existence), patiently anticipated the continuation of streaming their live shows for an International audience in waiting.  

   Much debate circulated throughout the four corners of the Earth as to what this group of dj’s would continue to create.  Due to the befuddled circumstances beyond anyone’s control, these questions were emanate:  Would this group of talented dj’s recreate or cofunction to continue their extension of online streaming? Would this group have the ability to bring hours of toes tapping, bass thumping beats once again, for eager eardrums? 

Thankfully YES! 

The outstretched arm(s) over at MIXTUBE.DJ (http://mixtube.dj/) welcomed the multifarious bass junkies right away. Therefore, after diverged ideals and harsh opinions from different sources, this group was ready for a fresh new start with one objective: To play a plethora of BASS with a fantastic attitude.  An assortment of names were tossed into the mix; Yet one abbreviation in the picking of site names appeared to stand out above the rest:

L.U.V. for LiveUndergroundVibes.com!

The abbreviation LUV seemed to fit this group. After all, the direction of this group of dj’s were already set in the ways of treating one another fair, showing respect for each other, and yes, having love & respect for the music being played.  LUV’s first year has been pretty damn terrific!

For instance, DJ’s Starr Junkie and Moejo participated in John Tison and Jb Thomas’s FOF3 (Festival Of Friends 3 Female Edition).  FOF3 opened up a 3-day array of baselines spun by talented women all over the Globe. Three days of music equals a great opportunity to meet/participate in one of the internet’s largest online show of female DJ’s & producers worldwide from different DJ sites and backgrounds of music.



LUV along with social media, opens doors to meet people with the same sharing music enthusiasm;  Branching out across the world means meeting new people with similar ideas and occasions to chat, share, produce & spin music.

The same time November 29th, 2014, Infektuous Dex did a LIVE broadcast/interview with non other than UK’s Bay B Kane (*One of the founding fathers of the sound known worldwide as JUNGLE;  Which was later dubbed Drum & Bass. Bay B Kane has an amazing production history that winds way back to years of 1989, 1997. He’s produced 200+ titles on vinyl & CD, as well as co-produced with some of the largest talent to walk the planet.) This recorded interview on L.U.V. Radio is a MUST to check out; So put on a pot of coffee or tea, sit back, pop your feet up and enjoy!


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.37.03 PM

Twenty-Five To Life 


Many of the NOLA (New Orleans, LA) L.U.V. crew participated in KOB4 this past February 2015


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.54.46 PM

Continuing on… LUV member’s have been exceedingly busy partnering up and creating music. Bay B Kane, Myk Dubz, Path Generator, Lily Garcia all worked together to create:

Night Owlz the EP

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.39.25 PM


Not bad for a one year old, ((wink-wink))

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.52.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.26.11 PM









1Coach K


1Devil On Ice







 Ellis Hathorn & Alfredo DiGregorio

1Ellis HathornAlfredo DiGregorio

Goneamuck  Soundcloud


Humanlike Being  SOUNDCLOUD


Hertz Donut (Hz Donut)  soundcloud


Infectuous Dex  soundcloud

1Infectuous Dex

James Scott  Mixtube

1James Scott

Joonie Lipton  soundcloud


Lily Garcia  Soundcloud  NIGHT OWLZ EP

additional vocals by lily:

the gift    The LUV Anthem Part1   gave you my all


madd catt  soundcloud


Michael Myers  soundcloud

1Michael Myers

Ndoe soundcloud


bitrate  soundcloud


starr junkie  soundcloud


djsl4m  soundcloud


~ The Watchmen ~

Tony Queido  soundcloud

Cesar Octavio   soundcloud 


 will.i.am.the.dj  soundcloud


Dj 1200cc  soundcloud

1 1200

♩ ♬    L.U.V.    ♪  ♫ 


Bay B Kane ~East London, Britain (UK)~  soundcloud



Path Generator (U.S.A.) soundcloud

2Path Generator 

Myk Dubz (Münster, Germany) soundcloud


In ending, with so many individuals committing to a cause such as L.U.V. Radio, there will certainly be many more years to come.

♪ ♫  ♪ ♫ JOIN US ♪ ♫  ♪ ♫ 





Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.35.41 PM




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